In the Teoresi group headquarters in Turin, on the 6th April 2023, the award ceremony of the “Meet the Champions” event took place.

The event was organized in cooperation with the magazine Il Corriere della Sera thanks to the contribution of Credit Agricole bank and Auxiell, and it was the first chapter of a bigger project all over the Italian territory.

This award comes from an accurate analysis carried out by the Italy Post research team, and it has been given to the 1000 best SME Italian companies in terms of profitability, growth and financial strength.

The occurrence was a fruitful gathering of company owners and directors coming from various fields, as well as an occasion to exchange opinions and experiences.

Luca Tomatis, one of the directors of Tomatis Lamiere srl, was given the prize and he took part in an interview about the future developments of the business both in the national and international market.

Watch the video => Champion Business 2023

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