When steel is turned into art

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum are extremely versatile materials, and they find application in numerous fields, among which art is becoming more and more popular.

Our pieces are used as fence panels, as monuments, as information panels and also as architectural elements for façade cladding.

Laser cutting is the process that is appreciated the most by customers, because it gives limitless pattern possibilities and thanks to its high precision and quality it is able to satisfy even the most severe esthetic requests.

Throughout the years we have been using our state-of-the-art technologies to supply cut, bent and welded parts that were used in various projects:

Metal Façade Cladding:

Our metal parts decorate buildings all over Europe.
By means of our laser cutting machines and our robotic bending system we have already manufactured aluminum pieces to clad modern buildings, such as, for example, the Tour Ycone in Lyon. In this specific case the parts went through a painting process and they were directly fixed on a tubular structure, again manufactured by us, with our laser-tube machines.


Nowadays, it is not rare to come across monuments made of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium.
More and more cities, as a matter of fact, are choosing to decorate areas with attractions aiming to improve their aesthetics.
This is an example of commemorative statue built with our steel parts, located in Boves (CN), in the North-West of Italy, in memory of the renowned sculptor Alexander Calder.
The monument is more than 5 meters tall, and it is made of a steel structure mounted on a wide base. On top of the frame there are Stainless steel and aluminium thin plates, balancing each other, just as it can be seen in the sculptures of the american artist.

Urban Decoration

The parts we supply find applications in various fields, such as the urban furniture.
Benches, street lamps, plant pots, borders for flowerbeds, illustrative panels, bins, outdoor sport equipments: these are only some of the products to which we contributed.
One of the most characteristical projects in which we participated was this statue in Barcelonnette, in the French Alps, which is a full-size replica of a giraffe built by our customer Matthieu de Quillacq, an expert in aviation and a hand gliding amateur.


Fences made of steel panels are very fashionable nowadays thanks to the incredible possibilities that laser cutting gives when it comes to customize the patterns.
We offer our customers a wide choice of drawings to choose from, and we give our advice on the right dimensions to reduce the overall scrap and get a better price.

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