A digital business

Our definition
of Industry 4.0

Our ERP has been created and customized especially for our company, and it allows us to manage and monitor every production process. By means of a barcode system we can give precise information about the order progress, and predict the right delivery date.
On top of that, we can also personalize a delivery in order to meet our customers’ requirements.

National and international deliveries

Choose fast transportations
and low costs

We work with a wide group of national and international freight companies and we guarantee deliveries all over Europe with short terms and competitive prices.
For the orders with small volume and weight we can choose the groupage transport in order to get a better deal on price.

For goods collection:
It is easy to reach us: our business is close to the exit CUNEO on the highway Torino-Savona.
In our wide loading area we can serve many customers at a time, even indoor in case of bad weather. We use forklifts or overhead cranes, depending on the dimensions and weight of the parts.

Do you need to split your order and collect it in different moments for specific reasons?

We have a big warehouse and we are therefore in a position to keep in store that part of your order you are not in urgent need of.
Our production process has the faculty to satisfy your needs in every way: we can speed up our work and focus on the priorities you give us, so that you can receive the pieces in the order that suits you the best.

our working method: always on time!

We develop smart and custom solutions for you

ERP and barcode system

we give accurate and specific information at every working step and we personalize the delivery according to your needs

Kanban containers

we can manage deliveries with customers’ kanbans, in order to rationalise warehouse stocks and final assembly operations

Full trucks or groupage

we organize groupage transportation for small orders. We deliver all over Europe with rapid and competitive freight.

Orders & Logistics