Steel working solutions

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel

Our service range is one of the widest in the steel-working market, and thanks to this important feature we are able to fulfill every kind of project and to reduce the logistics for our customers. We work many kinds of metals, from Carbon Steel to Stainless Steel on to non-ferrous metals such as Aluminum, Brass and copper, and we supply parts for agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles and plants, constructions, infrastructures, automotive and naval sector, Oil&Gas, transportation, telecommunications and fences.


we can subcontract the welding of metal assemblies to a qualified pool of partners

Dotpeen marking system

by mean of our marking machine we can engrave several informations on the cut parts, such as the heat number of material or others.


CNC Machining of metal parts with various operations ranging from simple holes and threaded holes up to more complex contourings and boring.


Rolling of metal parts with constant or variable radius, with a maximum thickness of 20 mm

Robotic Bending

A fully automated process for parts up to 2.000 mm long, fast and reliable for important batches and quantities.


Deformation of parts in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass and Copper with thicknesses ranging from 0,8 to 30 mm

Oxygen Cutting

This technology makes it possible to cut heavy gauge plats up to 300 mm of thickness

Plasma cutting

Power and quality in the cutting operations of plates up to 40 mm thick with complex shapes, holes and chamfers

Laser-tube cutting

by means of our three laser tube machines we work tubes and profiles up to a diameter of 355 mm in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

Laser cutting

the fiber laser cutting technology allows to work materials such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper with extreme efficiency up until 20 mm thick plates