Support of the surrounding area

We do our best to bring our activity beyond our company’s borders, in order to back the surrounding territory of Cuneo and its province, and to give a concrete help to its development.

As far as sport is concerned, we finance many groups and teams, to promote, among other things, the practice of fair play and encourage young people’s personal growth and progress.


Tomatis Lamiere supports two youth teams, one in Margarita (CN) and the other in Boves (CN). They both play in the Second Division Championship.
In this league there are players aged 16 and over, and these two teams in particular are achieving good results and numerous wins in their category.


We support the sport center “Sportarea” in Borgo Gesso (CN), where several men’s and women’s basketball teams train and compete against opponents coming from all over Italy.
Recently built, this sports complex includes one of the most important basketball fields in the district of Cuneo (CN), and it is home to various teams of all ages, starting from kids up to adults and senior groups.


Tomatis Lamiere gives its backing also in motorbike competitions by means of a sponsoring participation in Emc2, a young team racing in several championships including CIV, Coppa Italia and DI.DI. (Diversamente Disabili).
Emanuele Pusceddu is one of the founders of the team and he is an official Dunlop pilot competing in the CIV Championship.
Among other pilots there are Matteo Tavella, Riccardo Picciuto and Cristian Fassi, this latter racing in the DI.DI. league, a special championship for disabled pilots, where he has been achieving astonishing results thanks to his strong will and great determination.

Our commitment


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