The company Tomatis Lamiere has donated 2.000 new Paulownia trees to the association “Paulownia Piemonte”, which will be responsible for their distribution and plantation in both public and private properties.

The Paulownia tree is the biggest CO2 absorbing species, and it boasts the fastest growth among all types of plants, up to 5 metres per year.

Moreover, it is suitable for purifying the soil from polluting substances, and it helps the biodiversity and ecosystem with its large flowers giving nutrition to bees and other insects.

This new round of donation from Tomatis Lamiere represents an important gesture towards the environment and it increases the previous project carried out in 2020, when 1.500 trees were planted.

If you’re interested in this project, please contact the association “paulownia Piemonte” at this email: or visit the website

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