Customize your order

With over 3.000 active customers, at Tomatis Lamiere we know the needs of our market. For instance, very often our clients need to pick up only a part of their order, and we therefore make arrangements in the production in order to focus on the priorities and be able to prepare them sooner than the rest.

The reasons for a partial pick up are various, such as the lack of space in the customer’s workshop, or the decision to anticipate the production of a sub-assembly, or the optimisation of transportations.


Here are the services we can offer for your orders’ pick up:

  • Partial pick up based on weight of the parts
  • Partial pick up based on single codes
  • Partial pick up based on working processes
  • Partial pick up based on materials
  • Production of a batch made of kits and pick up of a single kit (to be specified at the confirmation of the order)


our working method: always on time!

We develop smart and custom solutions for you

ERP and barcode system

we give precise information at every working step and we personalize the delivery according to your needs

Kanban containers

we can manage deliveries with customers’ kanbans, in order to rationalise warehouse stocks and final assembly operations

Full trucks or groupage

we organize groupage transportation for small orders. We deliver all over Europe with rapid and competitive freight.

Choose the perfect work for your needs

Customizable services